Case 4

This 15 year old girl lost her right eye at age 10 when a fish flipped off of a table and its fin impaled her eye. We ordered a prosthesis from China to give her a more normal appearance so she would no longer be teased.

After I had injected her eye with lidocaine, she got scared and asked for her mom. Her mom came into the operating room… She told us the little girl didn’t want to go through with it any more

Fifteen minutes later in the consultation room…‘’Maybe it’s a good idea that we aren’t going to do this’’, I told her. ‘’Why?’’ she sobbed. ‘’If we fixed your eye, all those boys at school are going to start chasing you. All those boys, those boyfriends, all those boys won’t leave you alone… the boys… They’ll be wanting to talk to you and chase …

The prosthesis didn’t fit at first (see her right eye swelling) and kept falling out (because the company in China sent us the wrong size!). We didn’t have a file so I had to use the concrete sidewalk in front of our clinic at the Cambodiana Hotel to ‘’sand it down’’ so it would fit. Three trips to the sidewalk and it was a perfect fit. I included this story in my book: ‘’STRIKING IT RICH: Golf in the Kingdom with Generals, Patients and Pros’’. It is a story about playing on the pro golf tour after not playing golf for 30 years. I ended up playing for seven years and winning twice while working as a full time surgeon in Cambodia doing reconstructive surgery on these children. Enter my name on and you can read all about it. But if you don’t like golf, don’t buy it!

After sanding down the prosthesis, it was a perfect fit.

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