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​Some images and video may be disturbing as they depict the severely injured. Viewer discretion is advised.

This was a case of a little girl born with an extra thumb. Her mom thought it was bad luck and asked me to remove it as soon as it was safe to do so.

Case 2

This boy was burned with sulphuric acid. We removed his facial scars with serial excision instead of putting an unsightly skin graft on him. 

Case 3

This boy was also burned in an acid attack. His mother perished in the attack. This boy’s case helped me create the technique of Vector Mapping.

Case 4

This 15 year old girl lost her right eye at age 10 when a fish flipped off of a tab le and its fin impaled her eye. We ordered a prosthesis from China to give her a more normal appearance so she would no longer be teased.

Case 5

This 15 year old girl was burned by hot oil at age ten when a lamp exploded at a birthday party. She has been unable to move her arms for five years after a local doctor wrapped her up like a papoose instead of dressing ...

Case 6

Someone threw acid in this woman's face the day her boyfriend asked her to marry him. The ophthalmologist told me that she would need a cornea transplant but there was a tiny chance that her cornea ...

Case 7

 I’ll draw in the vectors of the healing radial forearm flap and see where it leads me…   I’ll re-do this area and make sure the ... 

Pediatric Open Heart Cases

For review: This is a picture of the fetal circulation. Some of the terms I use to describe the defects we repaired can be found here

Video Gallery

This is the first video in a series on a patient who was burned with acid 10 years previously. We treated this patient by ...

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