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This is the first video in a series on a patient who was burned with acid 10 years previously. We treated this patient by reconstructing her forehead and restoring her hairline. This is the interview before two tissue expanders were inserted. This series of videos shows how much effort goes into each patient. Watch to learn Sreya’s story.

Preparing Sreya for the first part of her two-part procedure.

Here is the insertion of the two tissue expanders. We struggled here because the only tissue expanders we could find in Cambodia were too big. They still cost $400 each. If we had ordered them from the States, they would have cost $800 each but we did not have enough money to get what we needed and had to settle for these.

Six weeks later… The tissue expanders have been inserted. Dr. Sreng Reasey has done an excellent job injecting them with sterile saline. This has stretched Sreya’s hair-bearing scalp in preparation for the definitive procedure in which we remove the expanders and reconstruct her hairline

Dr. Sreng Reasey performs the final injection into Sreya’s tissue expander before we take her to the operating room.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the final video that shows us reconstructing Sreya’s hairline. I am pleased to report, however, that the operation was a complete success and Sreya now has a beautiful new hairline. Pictured below is a similar procedure I did with my mentor as a Fellow at Shriner’s Hospital in the late 80s. Sreya met and fell in love with a fellow masseuse at her place of work. Like Sreya, he is blind. They married and have a beautiful daughter now.

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